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  • About Citrus Publishers

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    About us

    Citrus Publishers is a new publishing firm founded in January 2015 with a single goal in mind – to publish ground-breaking stories.

    Citrus Publishers is founded by two partners – one has a 10 years of experience in the promotions, events, and entertainment industry and the other one has a tremendous amount of experience in social media marketing, content writing and book publicity.

    The union of these two dynamic partners with an incredible amount of experience and expertise in their relative fields make Citrus Publishers a very strong competitor in the publishing business of today. We are looking forward to making our mark in the publishing industry – both in India and abroad.

    We are here with a single goal in mind (which sets us apart from other publishing companies)We won’t be publishing tons of books every year, but a select few that will win our reader’s hearts.

    We are here for any or all writers and authors who believe in their stories and whom we think have the potential to change the way the world looks at books and book-industry.

    At Citrus Publishers, we provide writers with the best of both the world:

    Traditional Publishing as well as Self-Publishing

    We will try our best to accommodate all your requests as much as we possibly can because we believe in changing the world one book at a time.

  • Upcoming Books

    We've got a neat line up of forthcoming novels

    Deceived by Heena Rathore P.

    Psychological Thriller

    How well do you know your loved ones?


    A girl who’s trying to cope with the murders of her mother and five-year-old brother.

    A journalist who is chasing the ghost of a potential serial killer.A thirteen-year-old girl who slaughters her parents.

    And a revenge-driven psychopath who is about to destroy everyone’s life.

    A psychological thriller that weaves its way through the sadistic past of a traumatized child to the snare of dark mysteries of a beloved father.

    Sinister Town by Heena Rathore P.

    Dark Thiriller

    Sometimes starting over leads you to the end…


    After hitting a rough patch, Nick and Eve’s marriage is saved by an accident. In order to forget all the bitterness and to start over by picking up the pieces of their broken relationship, they decide to move to a small town.


    Their relationship starts to heal and Eve’s pregnancy dares them to hope for an excellent future, but what they don’t know is that the town they want to call their new home has been eagerly waiting for their arrival and that too for all the wrong reasons.

  • Traditional Publishing

    Become a traditionally published author

    Live your dream of being a traditionally published author with us.

    We are not an independent publishing firm that helps writers become just authors. We are in it to win it by traditionally publishing deserving authors and using our expertise and experience in the book market to create best-sellers by putting our heart and soul in a few handpicked books.

    Traditional publishing is a feature which cannot be availed by everyone. We have a strict process of selecting books for publishing it traditionally. We'll be selecting only 1 or 2 books every year to publish this way.

    Manuscripts & authors selected for traditionally published books will receive all the benefits of traditional publishing - contract signing with appropriate advance and 10% to 20% royalties, in-house editing, in-house proofreading, in-house type-setting & printing, in-house e-book formatting , distribution to all major online stores as well as distribution to all major physical stores and libraries in India, book launch, physical press release, book-signing events, book-reading events, etc. to name a few.


    For others we have a separate section in which we assist in self-publishing under our imprint - Lemon Drops Publishing.

    [Submissions will be open in December.]

  • Self-Publishing

    We make every writer's dream come true

    Pre-Publishing Services

    We turn Manuscripts into print ready books

    Editing: Structural Editing, Line Editing, Substantive Editing.

    Proofreading & Second Proof 

    Cover Designing & Type Setting. E- book Formatting

    We also provide ISBN numbers.

    Post-Publishing Services

    We help in the marketing and promotions of books

    Physical & online press-release, posters, book-related merchandise, book-signing events, book-reading events, social media strategising, social media promotions - Giveaways, interviews, cover-reveals, book reviews, etc.

    Printing & Distribution

    Physical Books

    We help authors in printing physical books (mass media paperback, simple paperback, hard cover, leather bound.)


    We also have contacts with all the major physical distribution channels as well as libraries across all the major cities in India.

    Printing & Distribution

    Electronic Books

    We provide formatted e-books in various formats such as Epub, Mobi, Nook, PDF, ASCM, etc.


    Our digital/online distribution channels include Amazon, Flipkart, Rediff, Crossword Website, Landmark Website, NetGalley.

    Customised Packages!

    As per your need

    We also provide customised packages catering to individual needs.

    Kindly contact us at citruspublishers@gmail.com to enquire further.

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